EZ Tag

Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag – The EZ Tag program streamlines the issuance of Drive-Out Tags by providing print-on-demand temporary tags. This program eliminates hand-written tags, forms, and log books by replacing them with print-on-demand tags, real-time audit logs, and providing multiple reporting interfaces.

The EZ Tag program allows customization to meet each State’s regulations with the capability to issue various Drive-Out Tag types. Each Drive-Out Tag that is issued produces a unique temporary tag number, expiration date, and temporary registration all on demand. EZ Tag allows the reprinting of temporary tags and printing of temporary extension tags. All DriveOut Tags issued through the EZ Tag program are printed directly on weather-resistant paper.

  • Customizable to meet State Requirements
  • Provides State and Law Enforcement real-time access to retrieve tag information
  • Print On Demand Drive-Out Tags
  • Detailed Audit Logs
  • Multiple Reporting Features
  • Temporary Tag Extensions
  • Temporary Tag Reprints
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Various Tag Types- Vehicle, Motorcycle, Transportation, Internet Outage, and more
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