A Powerful Solution for IRP Registration & Credentialing

A powerful solution for managing International Registration Plan (IRP) registration, credentialing and apportionment of fees.

CTS-IRP™ accommodates all the functionality required for IRP registration processing, including new account creation, supplements and renewals. Weight group, fleet, vehicle & distance management capabilities are built-in and easy to modify. In conjunction with our integrated inventory management module, it streamlines carrier credentialing and increases operational efficiencies through automated issuance.

Want to collect required documents (such as 2290s, power of attorney, etc.) at the time of transaction processing? Our document management system, CTS-Doc, is the perfect companion product to handle indexing, storage and automated retrieval of documents.

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Base & Foreign Jurisdiction Fee Processing

At the core of CTS-IRP is our Fee Calculator — a regularly updated tool providing accurate fee calculations based on current jurisdiction fee schedules and the Canadian exchange rate. CTS-IRP calculates fees, automates credit apportioning and generates a monthly IRP Clearinghouse file. Our solution also gives the ability to add jurisdiction-specific administrative fees and provides a detailed breakdown of fees during invoice generation. In addition, the system provides for base jurisdiction distribution of funds via general ledger codes.

Jurisdictions, carriers and service providers can conveniently calculate approximate fees (excluding jurisdiction-specific fees), using our free IRP fee estimator tool on IRP, Inc's website.

Rest Easy & Stay on Track

Rest Easy with a Fully Compliant System

Our solution interfaces with CVISN and associated systems such as PRISM, SAFER and CVIEW, and verifies registrant compliancy before issuing credentials. With our universal interface controller (UIC), we can provide flexible, external interfacing capabilities to accommodate FMCSA accreditation, credit card transactions, etc. We are also the selected vendor to host and maintain the IRP, Inc. Clearinghouse in our hosting facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, to accommodate jurisdictional transmittal uploads.

Tools to Keep Carriers on Track

CTS-IRP has built-in tools for selecting, notifying and conducting both current and previous year carrier audits. Our audit selection module produces a prioritized list of carriers who meet the selection criteria specified by the auditor (e.g., rounded miles, year-to-year mileage duplication, etc.). Our audit tracking module provides auditors with a set of tools for the collection of their findings for audit management review and approval. Upon approval, audit results are entered into the IRP audit module, and an invoice is produced. Audit results are also included in the monthly IRP Clearinghouse transmittal.

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