Reduce Uninsured Motorists

Electronic Insurance Verification System (EIVS) was designed according to IICMVA standards. The main goal of EIVS is to reduce the number of uninsured motorists in your State.

With EIVS, you have the capability to produce reports and transmit error files for incorrect vehicle or insurance information. EIVS offers a user-friendly website for non-compliant customers to easily pay fines, sign affidavits electronically, and validate insurance, making the process seamless.

  • Utilizing both web services and full book of business from insurance companies to validate insurance
  • Professional customizable letters for the letter writing campaign and notification of fines
  • User-friendly website for non-compliance customers to pay and to sign electronic
  • Real-time insurance verification for law enforcement to verify insurance
  • Save valuable staff resources
  • Produce error reports and transmit error report files for incorrect vehicle information or insurance information
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